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Продажа · Дом · Typical Town House With Green Trees (To Be Refurbished)

€ 112 500
Ref. N: 3/A079

Спальни: 5, Ванные комнаты: 3
Общая площадь: 125 м2
Жилая площадь: 125 м2
Участок: 166 м2

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Some years ago I used to live very close to this house and passed by its door every day. Seeing it abandoned, my creative mind started imagining everything that could be done there. This doesn't happen to me with all the houses I see It happened with this one because it has something that makes it very special, and it's the space in front of it: open, clear forming a kind of little square with green trees and a bench to sit on. You are in the center of town but you don't have any neighbors in front of you less than 25 meters away. So I used to imagine a very cool, modern and huge house... but also seemed to me the most appropriate to locate a pleasant cafeteria terrace, or a very chic restaurant... the environment is perfect, and the surface too. As life is sometimes magical, now many years later, its owners have entrusted me its sale. I'm not going to tell you what to put in this house. Nor you're going to find a shiny house to arrive with your staff and move in with your three children and your dog. Nope. I only offer you a blank canvas, a space with as many possibilities as your imagination has, and an unbeatable environment to live in if you like the city center, or to put your business whatever your activity is. Or both, why not

Планировка и дизайн: Кладовая, Патио, Спутниковое ТВ, Требуется ремонт

Пляж 400 м


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