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Продажа · Гараж · Parking Located in La Harinera Building, Requena Center

Рекена - Валенсийское сообщество - Испания

MDomus Metasearch
€ 8 000
Ref. N: 8/3424-00209/1314

Общая площадь: 13 м2
Жилая площадь: 12 м2

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Parking space located in Av. General Pereyra nº36 is located under the mythical building called la flour, on the second floor we find three parking spaces available for sale, number 35 and 36 that are together and right in front of number 62. The three with an approximate size of 13 m2, ideal for any type of tourism, an access ramp to the floor minus two arriving comfortably at our square since the enclosure is large and we do not have to maneuver too much when entering or leaving. .Large main door with automatic opening by remote control or pedestrian entrance by manual key through small door, automatic ignition fans by pulsed light with timer on both floors. Very economical annual maintenance since with a single payment per year of 65 we includes cleaning, maintenance and insurance. In the price of sale to the public, no property, includes acquisition costs (notary, registration, management, fees, etc ...). Do not miss opportunities The idea of having your own parking space or if you are an investor, you will be very interested in both price and location.


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